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General Cargo

General Cargo is the term used for cargo acceptable for loading in general without any special treatment.

The term can be applied to any general cargo such as electronics, textiles, manufactured products, etc.

Dangerous Goods

Substances or articles that pose a risk to people, property or the environment, due to their chemical or physical properties.

Dangerous Goods are substances or articles that pose a risk to people, property or the environment due to their chemical or physical properties. When transported they need very special handling and adherence to all security processes.

Regulations for handling and transporting hazardous materials are specified in the IATA Regulation Manual for Hazardous Materials.

Hazardous Materials may only be transported under certain conditions relative to packaging, quantity carried, airplane type, location on board the airplane, etc., and in conformance with IATA Regulation manual.


Perishable Cargo includes cargo that is perishable and may spoil or decay because of changes in altitude, temperature, humidity, climate or other environmental conditions.

Perishable cargo can include the following: food, vegetables and fruits, fresh/frozen meat, fresh/frozen fish, eggs for human consumption, flowers, live organs/fresh blood samples for humans, plants among others.

Live Animals

The acceptance of live animal consignments is subject to the conditions as described in IATA's Live Animals Regulations and to TG's Regulations.

Depending on the live animal you transport, you might provide adequate food, water and containers should be properly marked and labeled. Beside, everything must comply with all necessary documentation applicable at the points of origin, transit and destination for the particular animal shipped.


We are prepared and experienced to assist you with aircraft charter for your shipment swiftly and cost effectively.

Our team can provide you customized solutions according to your needs through charters or partial charters.


Intelligent Cargo Solutions custom-made for your unique cargo needs. Our team has the expertise to assist clients with the best options for all unusual shipment needs.

Our team has the expertise to assist you with the best options for any cargo that needs special attention, such as:

  • Oversize
  • Valuables
  • Odd shipments
  • Automobiles


We offer to assit you in moving urgent or oversized cargo at the right moment. Our partners can reach the most important locations in the world.

Couriers are distinguished from ordinary services by features such as speed, security and tracking.

Human Remains

Making travel arrangements for deceased loved ones can be difficult. Our agents are prepared to handle all of your travel needs.

We act as a professional extension of your interests in facilitating your loved one's journey home.

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